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Some Facts About Abortion

  • Women who have had an abortion report higher rates of depression and suicide.
  • Women who have had abortion have a higher risk of future miscarriages.
  • Women who have had abortion have a higher rate of infertility.
  • A scientific study shows a link between breast cancer and abortion.
  • As with all medical procedures, an abortion procedure can result in immediate health risks such as infection or bleeding.

Some Facts About Abstinence

  • Couples who are sexually active before marriage report increased dissatisfaction with their sexual life after marriage.
  • Couples who practice abstinence report greater appreciation for their spouses than those who are active before marriage.
  • Divorce rates are increased among couples who are sexually active before marriage.
  • Sexually active couples have a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including HPV which has been linked to certain types of cancers.

Bright Course

Lessons include prenatal, infant through toddler care, nutrition, parenting and life skills.

Participants will receive “Baby Bucks” for completing these courses. Baby Bucks are credits that can be used on items such as diapers, baby formula and food, clothing, blankets, baby equipment (Based on availability) or in the Elizabeth’s Resale Shop.

Fatherhood Training

What are the tasks that will make you a great father?  Our Practical Fatherhood classes are simple, easy to follow, yet very important lessons for every father.

Classes are led by male mentors and cover topics such as being a good role model, “the Dad difference,” and consistency in parenting, as well as taking care of her during pregnancy and birth. Enrolled fathers can earn Baby Bucks to purchase products from our center and Elizabeth’s Resale Shop.

If you have any questions about our education programs available, please reach out to us! We are here to help.

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