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Is Abortion Legal in Michigan?

With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, you may wonder what types of abortion are available in your state and what restrictions are in place. It can be easy to panic at a time like this, but you are not alone as you navigate this pregnancy.

Before Roe was overturned, Michigan held a law that banned almost all abortions, but since then it has been blocked. As of November 2022, the ballot measure to enshrine the right to obtain an abortion into the state constitution passed with a nearly 57% majority. This new law went into effect on December 23, 2022.

Before Traveling for an Abortion

If you are considering traveling for an abortion, there are some precautionary steps to take to protect your health. What’s next after getting the news of your unplanned pregnancy? Here are three things that need completed before an abortion: 

  1. Pregnancy testing
  2. An ultrasound
  3. Consultation regarding your pregnancy decision

We always suggest taking a pregnancy test with a medical professional to confirm you received accurate pregnancy test results. An ultrasound is next and will verify your pregnancy by confirming important details to determine your options. 

Consider the Risks

It’s important to be aware of the risks of abortion before taking your next step. Common risks of abortion include incomplete abortion, infection, or heavy bleeding.

Confirm your pregnancy today with free pregnancy testing at our center to begin your journey. We can help you make an informed decision for your future and inform you of all the risks.

You are not alone! You owe it to yourself to take one step at a time and make an empowered decision for your future. You have the ultimate say when it comes to your pregnancy.

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