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Are you struggling emotionally after an abortion experience? While each woman’s experience is different, there are some women who go through much trauma after their abortion procedure. The after affects of abortion can have a lasting effect over time.

Seeking professional support is important as you may not be able to work through it on your own. You deserve to feel joy, hope, and life again. Life can be sweet again.

Recovering from Trauma

According to the CDC, a traumatic event causes a person to experience a great deal of stress. Medical News Today shares, “Psychological trauma is a response to an event that a person finds highly stressful.”

Every woman experiences trauma uniquely and that’s why the healing journey can happen at different points of life. If you are experiencing any kind of trauma, reach out to a qualified professional right away.

There are many emotional side effects that can’t always be seen with our eyes, but trauma may have brought up deep emotions and mental effects that are challenging to live with. Getting professional help will help individuals on this path of healing that can help them feel whole again.    

Medical News Today says that those encountering trauma may experience some of the following emotions:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • numbness
  • guilt
  • hopelessness
  • irritability
  • difficulty concentrating

Receive Counseling Today

Is it time for you to recover after abortion? Getting the help and healing after abortion that you need is nothing to be ashamed of. Many women have been right where you are and overcame.

If you need assistance on this journey of healing, reach out to us today. Our loving staff are here to offer support and a safe place to help. We offer free and confidential post-abortion support so you can live life to the fullest. You are stronger than you know.

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