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You missed your period and now think you might be pregnant. If it is an unexpected pregnancy, you might be wondering what to do if it is an unexpected pregnancy.

A great first step is to contact Bella Women’s Center. Our experienced medical team can provide you with no-cost pregnancy testing and an ultrasound so that you can make sure you are pregnant.

What Is the Best Option for You?

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy find themselves in all different stages of life and circumstances. If you decided parenting isn’t feasible right now, you may be considering either adoption or abortion.

Before deciding what to do, it is wise to consider some important questions:

1. How Do You Feel About Being Pregnant?

Have you always wanted a child? If so, is the timing possible for you?

Does the pregnancy require you to adjust your school or career plans? Could a child fit into those plans? How would you feel about placing your child for adoption?

2. Do You Have A Good Support System?

Will the most important people around you (your partner and family) support you with your pregnancy? Will they care for you no matter what choice you make?

Are you being pressured to make a certain decision? Do you feel like you will be abandoned if you don’t make the choice everyone else wants?

3. Are Life’s Circumstances Dictating the Choice You Make?

Financial pressures can sometimes make you feel like you are forced to make choices against your will. Do money issues make it seem like having a child would be impossible?

Sometimes, women who abort develop emotional and mental issues. The top reasons are feeling pressured to abort, having a history of mental health issues, existing maternal desires, or conflicting moral beliefs.

How Can Bella Women’s Center Help You?

In addition to ensuring you are pregnant, we will give you information on the options available to you. Those include abortion, adoption, and parenting.

If you decide abortion is not your best choice but don’t feel like you are prepared to parent, adoption can be a beneficial option. We can provide assistance in locating a reputable adoption agency to walk you through this process.

At Bella, we can give you the information and resources to make the best decision for your health and well-being. We care about you!

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