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Experts agree that, for at least some women, abortion can negatively affect a woman’s mental health. Every woman is unique, and so is her abortion experience. Whether a woman felt pressured to abort, how far along she was in her pregnancy, and her mental health before the abortion all play into her response afterward.

Who Does Abortion Affect?

One study concluded the following:

  • Abortion is consistently associated with elevated rates of mental illness compared to women without a history of abortion.
  • The abortion experience directly contributes to mental health problems for at least some women.
  • There are risk factors, such as pre-existing mental illness, that identify women at the most significant risk of mental health problems after an abortion.

What Are the Reasons Women Struggle Mentally?

The study noted some of the reasons women have mental health problems following their abortions:

  • Perceived pressure from others to terminate a pregnancy
  • Lack of perceived support from others
  • Feelings of stigma; perceived need for secrecy
  • Exposure to anti-abortion picketing
  • A belief that the fetus is human. They are taking a life, or it is morally wrong.
  • A history of prior abortion
  • Personality factors such as low self-esteem

How Does Abortion Affect Them?

There are various levels of post-abortion mental health complications. Depending on the circumstances, the same study found that the following are some of the emotions women struggle with:

  • Post-abortion trauma
  • Grief
  • Sadness
  • Feelings of loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Will I Be Affected Mentally by Abortion?

Only you know how you would respond to an abortion. It is essential to meet with your healthcare provider before an abortion procedure. Here is a list of some suggested steps to take beforehand:

  • Confirm your pregnancy with a urine test
  • Do an ultrasound exam to date the pregnancy and check that it’s not outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy)
  • Receive a complete explanation of procedures, side effects, and possible risks and complications.

How Can Bella Women’s Center Assist Me?

Although we do not perform or refer for abortion, we do provide a free-of-charge ultrasound and a thorough explanation of abortion procedures. Schedule a pregnancy intake appointment and take advantage of a free-of-charge pregnancy test and ultrasound.

Begin the pre-abortion process at Bella. Our trained medical professionals are ready to provide the information and understanding you need. Make a free-of-charge appointment today.

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